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Climbing Walls
Cliffs and Cables LLC offers a variety of custom climbing wall to fit any size budget.  each climbing structure is designed to meet the needs of the client while adhering to all CWA (Climbing Wall Association) and ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) standards.  With over 15 years experience, we have earned a reputation for quality, safety, and fun in our climbing wall products.
Flat or Multi-angled Climbing Walls
These walls are designed to challenge every climber regardless of age or skill level.  The participants can experience every aspect of rock climbing in a controlled learning environment.  These climbing walls are wood framed and sheeted in plywood panels.  Each panel contains T-nut anchors that are installed on a 8 inch grid.  The abundant anchors provide a multitude of options in climbing hold placement, designed to challenge every type of climber.  Climbing holds may be changed and rearranged to meet the needs of the participants.  The climbing wall is coated with a specially designed climbing wall texture, giving it a rough and durable surface.  Each custom climbing wall comes with a variety of handholds and a belay system. We provide a one year warranty on the structure and belay assemblies.
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Traverse Walls
A traverse wall offers an exciting climbing experience only a few feet off the ground.  By eliminating the need for extra climbing equipment, it is a perfect solution for an organization with a smaller budget.  Our custom traverse walls can fit just about anywhere and are a great addition to any gym.  The traverse wall is built with 4x8 plywood panels.  Each panel is also covered with a durable, long lasting paint and has 72 t-nut anchors.  The wall will have at least three color-coded routes that will challenge every skill level.  For increased difficulty, obstacles can be added to the wall.  Each wall comes with a one year warranty on its structure.
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This style of climbing wall construction is for projects with limited budgets.  Anchors are set directly into the existing cinder block or brick wall on a random grid.  The climbing holds are attached directly to these anchors.  Color-coded climbing holds can be set to provide a variety of routes and skill levels.  These can also be adjusted and changed at any time.  To add a more appealing look to this wall, we can coat the surface with a specially designed climbing wall texture, giving it a rough and durable surface.
Rawl Walls- Anchors into Existing Wall
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Climbing Towers
Climbing towers are a versatile addition to any program.  Cliffs and Cables LLC’s towers are built to be a stand alone outdoor climbing wall or can be integrated into an outdoor high ropes course.  Our climbing towers are built with telephone poles that are placed into the ground in order to provide the main structure.  From the pole structure we can add various elements such as overhangs and lean backs.  We meet or exceed all ACCT and CWA standards.
Mat Security System
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Cliffs and Cables LLC offers a mat system that offers security when the wall is not in use.  The mats are made of 2 inch foam that attach to the wall using special mat hand holds.  They measure 7 feet tall, helping to insure that the wall is not climbed upon when unsupervised; also it offers a soft cushion for crash protection.  The mats come in a variety of colors and they are custom fit to your wall.
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Paint Options
Cliffs and Cables LLC offers a variety of paint options to finish off your wall.  We can custom paint it to look however you want!  We can do anything from a single color to three colors; we have several designs to choose from!